With over 30 years experience, our family-owned business is here to help your business thrive.

Lance, president and tech guru

Lance has been working in the computer industry since 1983. The majority of his 35+ year professional career has been spent as an independent tech consultant serving the healthcare community. He has represented, installed, trained, and supported various medical and dental softwares. He also worked as a certified consultant and trainer for Crystal Reports, training thousands of employees from corporations and organizations such as the IRS, AT&T, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Intel and more. Already an expert in both PC and Mac hardware and software, Lance continued utilizing his technological skills as a developer for FileMaker, Omnis Database, and various accounting programs and other software. He has also been a certified practice consultant for MacPractice, Inc, since 2004. His portfolio of experience demonstrates nothing less than the highest level of expertise, personal concern for his clients, and remarkable commitment to quality and integrity.

Jared, vice-president and tech expert

Jared began working for Eidon Technologies in 2015 as a Practice Consultant and Mac IT specialist. His educational and professional background provided him extensive experience in technical research, leadership, small business and organization management. Having learned from Lance's decades of experience in serving the healthcare community, Jared is proficient in premier practice management and EMR software applications and Apple computer and network systems relevant to small and mid-size businesses and private health care practices. Since joining the Eidon team, Jared has served Eidon clients in training and implementation of software and technology to improve the quality of each practice so they can provide the highest quality service to their clients and patients. 

Joelle, web designer and marketing specialist

Joelle brings a uniquely creative flare to a tech-proficient environment. Her professional background and experience includes journalism, research and social networking for an international non-profit, small-business design and management, media communication, and team leadership. As a web designer, she understands that technical knowledge is only a small part of effectively connecting with people through a digital environment. Joelle’s focus is on understanding and expressing the unique identity and value of each business, and helping clients effectively engaging with their target audience, always with excellence in design and technique.