Helping private healthcare practices succeed in a digital world since 2004

We provide digital solutions for the modern practice.

Using the Mac platform and exclusive partnerships with premier tech companies, our team of experts can implement, manage and maintain all your tech needs including practice management software, hardware installation, web design, patient communications and more.


Mac platform solutions that actually work.

Using the latest in technology and digital advancements, our clients enjoy the benefits of seamless connectivity between all devices and components while our team of experts provide consulting and training to streamline daily workflow and increase productivity. Utilizing our partnerships with premier industry leaders like MacPractice Inc and Cisco Meraki and combining that with our expertise in all things Mac, we make it easy for your practice to use technology that actually works.


Service that helps your practice thrive.

Unlike major corporations and distant tech companies who outsource support and leave you waiting in a queue for hours, Eidon Tech is a small business that advocates for our clients. Our team of experts will work directly with your office and staff so that you’re never wondering who’s on the other end of your support call. We understand that your time matters and your patients take priority, so we work hard to accommodate the unique schedules and needs of every practice so that you can focus on what you do best.


Run your practice on the Mac platform. We can make it happen.










  • Expert consulting

  • Longevity and lower cost of ownership

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Elegant and intuitive user experience

  • Increased security

  • Installation and integration


  • Expert consulting

  • Informed product selection

  • Installation, integration and maintenance

  • Personal, custom training

  • Third-party advocacy and mediation

  • Proficiency and productivity


  • On-premise evaluation

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Planning and product selection

  • Custom configuration

  • Multi-site systems integration

  • Advanced security

  • Faster wifi

  • Remote accessibility


  • Comprehensive systems management

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Local and cloud back ups

  • Customized, flexible service plans

  • Real-time support

Our job is to make your technology work for you.


Your digital presence drives your practice.

If you want your business to thrive, then you want to connect with the people who matter most - your patients. Meaningful connections start with engaging digital design.

Driven by an understanding of human connections and developed with technical proficiency, Eidon Technologies develops and maintains a digital presence for your practice that leaves a lasting impression.


Web Design

  • 3 tiers of service and development

  • Design consultation

  • Custom brand development

  • SEO

  • Custom banners and taglines

  • Professional imaging

  • Ongoing Revisions

  • and more

Online, Embedded Forms

  • Design consultation

  • Content consulting

  • Copy editing

  • HIPAA compliant online submission

  • HIPAA compliant storage

  • Browser or desktop accessibility

  • Drag and drop into PM software

Digital Presence Management

  • Social media campaigns

  • Multi-platform engagement

  • Reputation management

  • Email campaigns

  • Advanced SEO

  • Marketing consulting

  • Custom compositions

  • Graphic design


We provide comprehensive solutions for your digital presence. Call us and let’s start today.

creating new and effective ways to educate patients and help healthcare workers improve patient engagement

Patient education video services


Take control of your waiting room TV with the VMcast Video System

VMcast Video System


Add patient education videos to your website, exam rooms and more

On-Demand Videos

With more than 1,400 award-winning videos and fully customizable features, our patient education video services from View Medica help you inform patients, improve outcomes and reduce readmissions. Put ViewMedica On-Demand patient education videos on your website for patients and potential patients to view at home.

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You can trust Eidon because we are a different kind of tech company.

Eidon Technologies is a family-owned business with over 30 years experience providing tech solutions to the healthcare industry. Our team specializes in offering comprehensive, integrative digital solutions and design services for private healthcare practices. Because we are an independent tech solutions company, you can be certain that we work for you.

We’re in business to help your practice thrive.







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