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Our team at Eidon Technologies recognizes that the elegance and professionalism of your digital presence is a powerful element contributing to the success of or practice. Our goal is to provide a customized service that focuses on providing modern and professional digital design services as an effective expression of your practice’s identity and services so that you can connect with your patients and grow your practice…

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Personal Design Consultation

Technical proficiency in web design is only valuable insomuch that the design produced represents and corresponds to your desired outcome. This is why every web design project we undertake begins with a personal design consultation. Your designer will listen to your goals, understand your practice identity and help develop and articulate essential elements to a successful website such as branding and imaging, navigation and content, style and colors, and much more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Does your head reel at the thought of understanding and implementing SEO strategies to establish your practice in a digital world? Our web design services include a variety of SEO options that will take away your SEO-induced headache and leave you with the confidence you deserve. Choose from our tiered web design packages so that you are never left wondering whether or not you are paying for something that doesn’t produce results.

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Custom Composition, Banners and Taglines

When you choose Eidon Tech for your web design project, you are guaranteed to receive custom service from start to finish. No bland, cookie-cutter templates or impersonal libraries of content. Your designer will carefully consider the distinctions of your practice and the community you market your practice to, then will select relevant images, develop unique banners, and compose custom tag lines and calls to action that will connect with your patients in a meaningful way.


Mobile Friendly

Every web design project comes with responsive design that makes your website relevant, easy to navigate and engaging for any user on any device at any time.



From premier plastic surgeons to your family dentistry practice, Eidon Tech treats every client with the care and personal service you deserve.

Thank you for your excellent work on our website! You are amazing and prompt, and I look forward to working with you in the future.
— Debra, practice manager at Dallas Plastic Surgery
I never thought a better website would make me more confident as a practitioner, but it does!
— Jamie Talley, DDS