Take control of your waiting room TV.

30-day money back guarantee

The VMcast service reinvents the waiting room TV

Ditch cable. Create your own ad-free television broadcasts using ViewMedica videos, custom informational slides and your own videos. Even add local weather reports, news, live messages, promos and more.

Videos for every specialty

More than 1,400 medical videos to help you inform patients, improve outcomes and reduce readmissions.


 Control your TVs from anywhere

Build broadcast loops quickly, and edit them at a moment’s notice in the VMcast Control Center. Just log into the Control Center on any computer or smart device. Monitor the status of all your TVs, and change what each TV shows with just a few clicks.


Promote your services

Show your patients what you do, spotlight staff, or display important information with visual promos. They’re commercials that you create to run in specific areas of your TV screen.


Bandwidth friendly

VMcast streams are optimized to decrease your bandwidth use and improve stability. VMcast automatically saves its content to your device. That frees your internet for other uses and allows VMcast to keep playing even if your Wifi connection drops.


Simple to set up

Don’t replace your TVs or buy expensive hardware. VMcast’s free app on Amazon’s $40 Fire TV Stick is easy to use and affordable. Or connect your TV to a computer or PC stick device. Either way, our customer support team will help you get up and running.


Add live data streams

Add live weather, news and messages to your TV. Display the current weather conditions, hourly outlook, 5-day forecasts and more. Post scrolling messages above your VMcast broadcast. And, keep your waiting room informed by adding a news feed.


weather forecasts for your local area


news from your favorite publisher


messages to your patients


Create a relaxing environment

Select from hours of relaxation videos that take your viewers on a visual journey to beautifully-filmed locations. With soothing music and a gentle pace, the videos engage your audience and reduce stress at the same time.


Entertain and engage

Viz Quiz videos challenge viewers to name what they see by only revealing a small part of the whole. And Pop Quizzes both entertain and educate on topics from medical specialties to history and popular culture. Colorful images and interesting themes keep your waiting room enjoyably occupied.


Add-on hundreds of public health videos for free

These short, high–quality videos help your viewers prevent illness and injury and protect their health. They’re produced by experts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other publicly-funded health centers. They are free to use for all VMcast subscribers.